Our Mission

We’re on a mission to get more people to choose natures medicine to get balance in their busy lives by spending more time outdoors.

Wild & Free is a community of people who need to find more balance, more connection and more moments of joyful adventure in life.

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Our Values

Our brand pillars of wellbeing, sustainability, and connection guide us in everything we do, while our values of Adventure, Joy, Kindness, Empathy, Connection, and Transparency define who we are.

Let's dive into what these values mean to us:

  • Adventure

    We embrace the spirit of adventure, encouraging everyone to step outside their comfort zones, explore new horizons, and discover the beauty of the natural world. It's about unleashing your inner explorer and embracing the unknown with open arms.

  • Empathy

    We understand that everyone's journey is unique, and we aim to create a space where empathy flourishes. We listen to our community, value their diverse perspectives, and design products and experiences that meet their needs, because we believe that true connection comes from understanding.

  • Kindness

    We foster a culture of kindness towards nature, our fellow outdoor enthusiasts, and ourselves. From promoting Leave No Trace principles to encouraging acts of compassion towards one another, kindness is at the heart of our brand.

  • Joy

    We believe that joy is found in the simplest of moments, whether it's a breathtaking sunset, the sound of laughter around a campfire, or the feeling of exhilaration when conquering a challenging hike. We strive to bring joy to your outdoor experiences and infuse it into everything we create.

  • Connection

    We're passionate about forging connections—whether it's reconnecting with nature, strengthening bonds with loved ones, or building a sense of community within our outdoor family. We strive to facilitate these connections by providing experiences and products that enhance and deepen these relationships.

  • Transparency

    We believe in being open and transparent with our community. From the materials we use to create our products to our supply chain, we share the behind-the-scenes details to foster trust and empower you to make informed choices. We're in this together, and transparency is our guiding principle.

  • Wellbeing

    We believe passionately in looking after your whole self, physical, mental and spiritual and finding balance in life by spending more time unplugged in nature and feeling alive in the great outdoors.

  • Sustainability

    Being kind to the environment and encouraging slow fashion by creating
    timeless durable pieces is at the heart of our ethos. Our products are made using the highest quality sustainable materials.

  • Connection

    Loneliness and disconnection are emerging threats to health and happiness today. We want to help you find more connection. We will bring you together in nature to laugh, play and find moments of joyful adventure .

So, whether you're embarking on a solo hike, swimming, walking the beach, gathering around a campfire with friends, or simply seeking solace in the great outdoors, Wild & Free is here to support your journey. Let's embrace adventure, spread joy, show kindness, practice empathy, foster connection, and from us you will be assured of authenticity and transparency every steps of the way.

Welcome to The Wild Tribe!