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At Wild & Free, we are on a mission to redefine outerwear, combining sophistication, sustainability and performance while doing good for people and planet.

Our products are designed to be versatile for all of your leisure pursuits and year-round wear. Crafted from sustainable materials, in timeless colours, we embrace simplicity. We are purpose driven, on a mission to inspire people to improve their mental well-being by spending more time outdoors benefiting from mother natures powerful medicine.

Our signature COBE is our '2in1' coat and swim robe, fully waterproof and functionally brilliant, with uncompromising style and comfort, perfect for all your outdoor adventures, from rainy dog walks and sideline match duty, to cosy post-swim moments.


We love beautiful, timeless pieces that we wear for lots of different occasions. When it came to sea swimming we wanted a more elegant swim robe and one that we could also wear as a luxury raincoat seamlessly taking us from the beach to the sidelines, the school run to the coffee run. We couldn't find one, so we made our own!

  • Wellbeing

    We believe passionately in looking after your whole self, physical, mental and spiritual and finding balance in life by spending more time unplugged in nature and feeling alive in the great outdoors.

  • Sustainability

    Being kind to the environment and encouraging slow fashion by creating
    timeless durable pieces is at the heart of our ethos. Our products are made using the highest quality sustainable materials.

  • Connection

    Loneliness and disconnection are emerging threats to health and happiness today. We want to help you find more connection. We will bring you together in nature to laugh, play and find moments of joyful adventure .

Wild & Free Luxury Dry Robe Waterproof Coat. Timeless design, slimline and lighter weight design makes it suitable for all wet and dry adventures all year round. Wear for after open water swimming, watersports, triathlons, walking the dog, waterproof coat

Our Story

Wild & Free was born from our own need to find balance and freedom from the stresses and overwhelm of busy lives and feeling the effects of that rat race life.

We intentionally decided to make some changes, to spend more time outdoors and soak in natures medicine, and inspired by many happy unplugged moments on the north coast of Ireland, and the balance, joy and feeling of being more fully alive we experienced, Wild & Free was born.

My name is Aisling and along with my husband Robbie, Wild & Free was created for people like us, who have found happiness in the outdoors, but who also like the nicer things in life and want outdoor gear, that looks good, performs even better and does good in this little world of ours.

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