Dip A Day This January 🌊

Join Us For The Wild & Free January Dip a Day Challenge in Aid of our Favourite Mental Health Charities - The Samaritans, Aware and Pieta House!

Let's kick off 2024 in the most invigorating way possible by joining in our Dip a Day Challenge, an opportunity to come together with The Wild Tribe to reset and feel renewed, ready to take on whatever lies ahead in 2024 and to support 3 vital mental health charities doing
amazing work in our communities.


You can get your daily dip through a cold shower, a few minutes in an ice bath, a sea dip, or a combination of all 3. We will also be getting together for a community sea dip on Sunday 28th January to celebrate the last days of our challenge together.

To get a copy of the Dip A Day calendar and access to the closed accountability facebook group, pop your details below!  

Science backs the incredible benefits of cold-water therapy /immersion —revving up metabolism, boosting circulation, and strengthening our mental resilience. Everything in life that is worth doing feels hard to begin with but will get easier the more you do it. That’s why joining a community challenge like a Dip A Day should make it easier to complete.  Together the Wild Tribe can support each other, making it more fun and more achievable.

Supporting positive mental health is one of the founding principles of Wild & Free, so through this challenge we are proactively helping our own wellbeing, but we also want it to help more people who are struggling with their mental health.


For every single use of the hashtag above, Wild & Free will donate £5 to the 3 mental health charities, THE SAMARITANS, AWARE & PIETA HOUSE. So document your daily dips, share your progress and every single time you use the #WFDIPADAY we will be adding £5 to our donation pot to give to our 3 charity partners on behalf of all of you.


Join us on Sunday 28th January at 10am for a group sea dip at Helens Bay. An opportunity for those who have taken part in the challenge to feel the strength of the group to get you through those last few days, and for those who may want to try a sea swim to join with us and do it as one connected community.


We are huge advocates of both time outside in nature and cold water therapy to enhance our overall wellbeing and mental health. Check out some of the many blogs we have written on the subject which goes into the science in lots of detail.